Candidate Board 2023-ll

We are pleased and proud to present the Candidate Board OS 2023 – II! They are formed in the following order:

Candidate Chair – Roel ten Broek
Candidate Secretary & Treasurer – Joep Meussen
Faculty Representative ET – Twan Hendriksen
Candidate Faculty Representative EEMCS – Niels Berg
Candidate Faculty Representative BMS – Naomi Loffeld
Candidate Faculty Representative S&T – Melle Fopma

Board Change 2022-ll

We are happy and proud to present to you the new OS board 2022-ll. They were constituted in the following order:

Anna Aksenova – Chair
Casper van Dongen – Secretary & Treasurer
Koen Geurtsen – Faculty Representative ET
Rick Ruitenbeek – Faculty Representative EEMCS
Roy Koers – Faculty Representative BMS
Gerard Groot Obbink – Faculty Representative S&T

Board change OSb 2022-I

As the year goes by, it was finally time to say goodbye to Ruben, and welcome Koen.

On the 9th of February, the OS board 2022-I has been charged as follows:
Chairman: Friso Nieuwenhuijse
Secretary/Treasurer: Lars van Arkel
EEMCS Representative: Hannah Ottenschot
BMS Representative: Dagmar Franken
S&T Representative: Maarten de Groot
ET Representative: Koen Geurtsen

f.l.t.r. Maarten, Dagmar, Lars, Friso, Koen, Hannah

Board change 2021-II

Seasons come and seasons go, and the same holds for the OS board.

On the 15th of September, the OS board 2021-II has been charged as follows:
Chairman: Friso Nieuwenhuijse
Secretary/Treasurer: Lars van Arkel
EEMCS Representative: Hannah Ottenschot
BMS Representative: Dagmar Franken
S&T Representative: Maarten de Groot
ET Representative: Ruben den Hertog

f.l.t.r. Maarten, Dagmar, Lars, Friso, Ruben, Hannah

Candidate board OSb 2021-II

The old ship has almost sailed but luckily a new group has arrived to keep Ruben company on his OSland.

We are happy to announce our Candidate Board for the OSb 2021-ll
Candidate Chairman: Friso Nieuwenhuijse
Candidate Secretary/Treasurer: Lars van Arkel
Candidate EEMCS Representative: Hannah Ottenschot
Candidate BMS Representative: Dagmar Franken
Candidate S&T Representative: Maarten de Groot
ET Representative: Ruben den Hertog

F.l.t.r. – Maarten, Dagmar, Hannah, Lars, Friso, Ruben


[Update] Measurements UT COVID-19

Update 26-11-2020

The associations rooms can open again! The re-opening is allowed as of today, and rooms may open on weekdays until 18.00 hours for e.g. having a coffee together or having a social chat. The following conditions apply:

  • The general corona regulations are being followed, such as hygiene measures and social distancing and the maximum amount of people that are allowed to be in your room concerning the guidelines.
  • At any given moment that the room is in use, a designated corona coordinator should be present and ensure all attendees stick to the rules.
  • For the use of an association room, a corona protocol should be available, which needs to be approved by the CFM service department. You can get into contact with the faculty team leader of the building for this approval.
  • CFM will determine whether a room meets the health regulation requirements, in particular, when it comes to ventilation and air circulation. Examination will be done in close consultation with the faculty team leader of the building.
  • Alcohol is prohibited.
Update 5-11-2020

The activities that are allowed to take place, only with the approval of events bureau, are educational related activities. All other activities in the upcoming 2 weeks are canceled. Get in contact with to discuss whether the activity can take place. All associations rooms must be closed for members.


Sadly, the measurements regarding the corona crisis are still apply at the University of Twente. For study associations, this means the following:

  • Physical meetings are allowed with a maximum of 30 people in a room. Of course taking into account 1.5m distance and all other regulations.
  • GMA’s are possible.
  • It is possible to organize introductory activities and meetings such as training and workshops with educational and/or development purposes.
  • Work from home as much as possible.

Although it is possible to meet with more people, does not mean that you should. Please take the measurements seriously and stay safe.

Corona matters

Dear reader,

Due to the corona outbreak of this year, a lot of activities and meetings will be cancelled or held in a different way.  Check with your chairperson or OS board responsible what will happen to your activity or meeting.

Some activities in the OS Events calendar (bottom of the homepage) have not been updated, but it should be clear that no activities will take place physically until at least the 1st of June. All updates will be sent to you either via WhatsApp or mail.

Keep in mind to follow the guidelines of the RIVM. If anything is unclear, you can always ask questions.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

OS Board 2020-I

Centrale Onderwijsprijs Finale 2016

Op donderdag 19 mei vindt de finale en uitreiking van de Centrale Onderwijsprijs plaats. In deze finale strijden drie docenten voor deze felbegeerde prijs. Je bent van harte uitgenodigd voor deze middag. De drie finalisten zijn Janneke Alers (Biomedische Technologie en Health Sciences), Erik Faber (Creative Technology) en Martin van der Hoef (Scheikundige Technologie en ATLAS).
Tijdens de finale zullen zij een minicollege geven en een aantal vragen beantwoorden. Ook het publiek kan stemmen op de beste docent!
De inloop van dit evenement is om 15:30 in Horst C101, om 15:45 begint de finale. Aansluitend is er een borrel waar de winnaar bekend zal worden gemaakt.
We hopen jullie allen te mogen zien bij de finale van de Centrale Onderwijsprijs.
Met vriendelijke groet,
De Centrale Onderwijsprijscommissie
On thursday May 19th the Central Education Award finale will be held. Three teachers will compete for this award. You are invited for this finale! The three finalists are Janneke Alers (Biomedical Engeneering and Health Sciences), Erik Faber (Creative Technology) and Martin van der Hoef (Chemical Engeneering and ATLAS).
The finalist will each give a mini lecture and answer questions. The audience also has a vote in this finale!
The finale of the Central Education Award will take place at Horst C101. Doors will open at 3:30pm, the event will start at 3:45pm. Afterwards there will be a drink in the borrelkelder, during which the winner will be announced.
We hope to see you at the finale of the Central Education Award.
Kind regards,
The Central Education Awards Committee

Erwin Hans winnaar Centrale Onderwijs Prijs

Erwin Hans (technische bedrijfskunde) won vanmiddag de centrale onderwijs prijs. In de finale versloeg hij Johnny Søraker (PSTS) en Mark van Vuuren (Communicatiewetenschap). Erwin Hans heeft hiermee de titel van “docent van het jaar 2015” gewonnen samen met de hoofdprijs van 2.500 euro.

Tijdens de finale gaven de drie docenten elk een mini college van 20 minuten over een voor hun interessant onderwerp. Zo gaf Hans een college over het lange wachten wat wij doen als consumenten en patiënten, gaf Mark een college over de vraag wat een professional is en richte Johnny zich op het verband tussen creativiteit en blijdschap.

Na de colleges ging de jury in beraad en had het publiek tijd om hun stem uit te brengen. Nadat de jury wat extra tijd nodig had werden de stemmen van het publiek en de jury samengevoegd en bleek Erwin Hans de winnaar te zijn.

Hij ontvangt de 2.500 euro en zal worden gehuldigd tijdens de opening van het academische jaar op maandag 31 augustus.