About OS

All associations of the University of Twente are within one of the five sectors: study, culture, social, sport and other. All sectors are represented by a board of an umbrella association. This board functions as a first contact for people and organizations outside the sector, gives the opinions of its associations at consultations and provides information to these associations about e.g. changing policies within the University.

The Overleg Studieverenigingen (OS) is the umbrella association of all study associations of the University of Twente. The OS is founded in December of 1998, and therefore the youngest umbrella association of the University. The current board members can be found on this page.

Every study of the University has its study association. At this moment, 19 associations are affiliated with the OS. A list of all members can be found at this page.

Although every study association has its own characteristics, most of them are organizing activities extending the study (symposia, excursions, study trips, etc.) as well as social activities (drinks, galas, camps, etc.). When you have any questions concerning your faculty or study, a study association can help you with finding your answers.